The FIA and FIM Rally Raid debuts in Portugal

BP Ultimate Portugal Cross Country Rally postponed

1st edition scheduled for 2022

After evaluating the national and international pandemic situation, ACP - Automóvel Club de Portugal considered that the sanitarian conditions are not suitable to launch this event.

The safety of all participants is a key concern of ACP and all Federations involved in the event – FIA, FIM, FPAK and FMP – as well as for the 15 municipalities represented in its itinerary.

It’s everyone's intention that the 1st edition of the BP Ultimate Portugal Cross Country Rally takes place in 2022.


Portugal will host a Cross Country event, and it's up to the Automóvel Club de Portugal to organise it.

The event is a part of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies and the FIM Cross Country World Championship.

Besides these two competitions, the ACP offers participants the possibility to take part in the event under the National Championships regulations.


National Event  – Option 1 (5 days) – open to vehicles not complying with the FIA regulations, but which comply with the FPAK (ASN) regulations (separate classification, first three legs eligible for the CPTT – Portuguese Off-Road Championship).

National Event – Option 2 (3 days) – vehicles complying with the FPAK (ASN) regulations (points towards the CPTT and the TPTT – Portuguese Off-Road Cup).

Moto / Quad / SSV:

National Event – Option 1 (5 days) – open to vehicles not complying with the FIM demands (above all, fuel consumption), but which comply with the FMP (ASN) regulations (separate classification, first three legs eligible for the CNRR – National Rally Raid Championship).

National Event – Option 2 (3 days) – vehicles complying with the FMP (ASN) regulations (points towards the CNRR).

In all, it will be a five days competition at the highest level with the Bivouac in Grândola, about 100 km from Lisbon, and a total distance of 1,400 km, a thousand of which against the clock in tracks laid out in Alentejo, Ribatejo and Algarve over gravel/dirt (80%) and sand (20%).

More information available on the Rally Guide, which will be published on 11th February.


1,000 km against the clock

A unique off-road challenge, with the best national and international Cross Country competitors from two and four wheels racing along some of the most beautiful and demanding European tracks.


Navigation will be key

Not only the GPS coordinates are closed, competitors will not have markings along the route, except in place where they are fundamental. Navigation will be paramount, and only the best will come out on top.

Paulo Gonçalves

Paulo Gonçalves Trophy

Paying tribute to one of the best Cross Country riders, and a major figure which used to be present at bivouacs around the world, ACP is organising the Paulo Gonçalves Trophy, which will awarded to the best bike.


Road Book and SS marking

The route will be covered with the help of Road Book. Directional signs or other marking (arrows and plastic tape) will not be placed, except:

• In places that the organiser considers that the safety of pilots and the public may be at risk, may have stakes and security marks. 

• In places where it is imperative to move around a certain place

• In DANGER (2) and (3), locations, specific signs will be used for this purpose

• In Speed Control Zone locations, signs indicating the start and end of the zones and the maximum allowed speed will be placed

• At intersections or forks, the paths not to be used will be "cut" with plastic tape at about 100m from the road book note, in a place where they are not visible from the route. “X” signs will also be placed in yellow plates and X in black.

FIA & FIM entries

TypePhase 1 (dates to define) Phase 2 (dates to define)
Auto4.500 €4.950 €
Moto / Quad2.500 €2.750 €
SSV3.500 €3.850 €

VAT not included

Invoices issued to foreign companies are not subject to VAT (VAT- Reversed charge);

Invoices issued to individuals from any nationality or to Portuguese companies are subject to VAT – tax rate of 23%.

Included in the entry fees

The entry fee includes
Insurance of civil liability towards third parties
1 SERVICE sticker (Truck or Van)
1 TEAM MANAGER sticker
1 Access Secretariat pass
1 Rider (Bike/Quad) or 2 Driver (Car or SSV) Individual Pass
1 Team Manager individual passes
4 Assistance individual passes
Service area (assistance space with electricity)
Rental of Anube STELA III equipment (Vehicle to vehicle communication system, speed control zones, and GPS-GSM / Safety tracking system)


Additional SERVICE stickers / Passes fees:
EUR 600 – Truck
EUR 400 - Auto / Van
EUR 300 - Personal Assistance Pass
EUR 200 - Guest Pass (bivouac access)
FIA Environment
FIM Ride Green
FPAK Ambiente

More information


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